Let’s get Gamecock Gymnastics BACK

This website is here to inform and excite you about recent efforts to get Gamecock Gymnastics back to the University of South Carolina.  
With the support of several SEC Gymnastics coaches, we will be putting together a proposal to host a future SEC Championship at the University of South Carolina.  Getting a bid for the SEC Championships will be a huge step in showing USC that there is a big need for College Gymnastics in South Carolina. 
You can help by signing the online petition and show that you support Gamecock Gymnastics! 
Tell us what you think about getting Gamecock Gymnastics back to USC?!  

6 comments on “Let’s get Gamecock Gymnastics BACK

  1. I think it would be great.

  2. I’d come watch!

  3. Having gymnastics locally would be awesome! I have a gymnast whose a level 10 in the 10th grade & I know she’s being looked at by a few colleges & while that’s great news it would be really awesome if she could stay in her home state to further her education & do the sport she loves.

  4. I am a former University of South Carolina Gymnast. I was a local gymnast from Tapio School (at that time named the Gyminee Crickets), who along with Julie Fisher from Charleston Family YMCA walked on to the team in 1977. Carolina had hired Bob White as head coach and graduate assistant Paula Northius from the University of Florida. Julie and I both earned scholarships for the next season. There were 13 of us and our sophomore year our team placed 3rd at the Regional Meet in Louisville, Kentucky. That was the highest place our Carolina had ever achieved. We were on our way!
    With the then current administration of the Athletic Department it was an uphill battle. We competed from 1977 – 1980 when Pam Parsons and Jim Carlin disbanded our team over the summer of our Junior year at Carolina. This was done unbeknownst to any of the coaches, athletes or the South Carolina Gymnastics community.

    With the University becoming a part of the SEC and gymnastics being a highly ranked sport in the South Eastern Conference I was hoping it was only a matter of time for gymnastics to become a talking point at the University again.
    There are still several members of that 1977 – 1981 Carolina Gymnastics Team who reside in this area. I retired from teaching in 1995 and have only been watching gymnastics from the sidelines. At this time I feel that South Carolina could field a team of great gymnasts just in our State alone. Would that not be a wonderful comeback for the University and gymnastics in South Carolina.

    Rhea Pitts

  5. Hi everyone. Great site. I’ve linked to it in a post at Garnet and Black Attack (a blog about USC sports) and have argued that we should bring gymnastics back to Carolina (along with Women’s and Men’s lacrosse).

    South Carolina Gamecock Athletics: It’s Time for USC to Add New Varsity Sports – Part 1

    South Carolina Gamecock Athletics: It’s Time for USC to Add New Varsity Sports – Part 2

    There is a poll in Part 2 and you’ll be happy to know a good number of folks are interested in women’s gymnastics. Hope you’ll check out the posts and vote in the poll, or add your comments. Good luck!

  6. Definitely, I love gymnastics!

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